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Post  Styx on Sat Jun 04, 2011 1:30 am

I have been asked a few questions multiple times so I will post the questions and answers here.
I will continue to edit this post with more FAQs as they come in.

Are we going to do voice acting?
No. We will use the audio from the movie from the scenes we will be doing. This will create a much more professional finished video.
However, my main concern at the moment is copyright issues. I will claim that this is covered under US law of fair use and parody but I am no expert in law so I don't really know about this. If the video does get taken down I will get people to do some voice acting for the scenes. There is not a lot of dialogue for the scenes we are doing so that shouldn't be a problem. We will also have to find some music to go with the scenes and sound effects which also shouldn't be a problem.

Why 28 Weeks Later? Why not another film?
Because I loved the opening scene to this film and I think it can work really well within Minecraft.
However, after this project is complete I will move on to something different so please send any suggestions of what you think would work well within Minecraft.

Will I get credit?
Absolutely. There will be a credit roll on the video just as if it was a normal film. Everyone that gave the slightest bit of help will be listed there alongside the help they gave.

Will there be any problems with timezones?
To start with, no. The pre-production, post-production and release/marketing can all be done independently so time zones don't matter too much here.
We might have a bit of a problem when it comes to production though (the filming of the characters). I will try and work something out here later on but we will need to be careful with time zones and what I am thinking at the moment is to do it in the evening (UK time) at the weekend. This should allow for the maximum possible people to be around.

Do I need a microphone?
I stated in my original video that you need a microphone to be able to help with the building and acting. This is true, however, it is possible that you can just join the voice server and listen. It will be inconvenient to you as you won't be able to interact with others. So it is very much preferred if you do have a microphone but I suppose that it is not mandatory.

I want to grief your server, please can I?
No you cannot. This creative idea involves a lot of people (about 30 at the moment) and it is a lot of work people are putting in for this. We will ban you from the servers, this forums and remove your name from any credits no matter how work you have previously put into this project. Plus we have admin tools on the MC server to undo anything you might do. Smile
(P.S. I haven't actually been asked this...)

Can I make movies with you?
As I have stated above I am considering doing more film projects after this one so please stick around if you are interested in doing more.

If anyone has any questions please message me on this forum or email me.

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