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Post  DaBawsh on Tue Jun 19, 2012 12:06 am

I just watched a film called "Deja Vu" on Sky Anytime (Try and watch it)
And I was thinking of doing a Minecraft Machinima of it. But like, not the same.

The machinima will be based off the idea of "Deja Vu" But a different story line.

SPOILER OF WHATS IN THE FLIM: You have been warned. Very basic, writing this fast xD
Terrorist attacks......
"ATF" agent investigates.
A group of scientists say they use at least 4 satellites to view what happened, however they can only see 4 days and 6 hours into the past, as it takes time to process.

And they can't rewind or fastfoward due to the amount of data.

Actually it's a ripple in time where they fold the continuum and where the fold lines up with the present, is 4 days and 6 hours, or something. My mind was like "Woahhhhh" and don't worry, I know it's not real ;P

So he points a laser onto the screen, and that's when he found out it wasn't satellites, but a view of the past. Because the woman in the video responded to the laser.

He tries to send a message to his past self, but this causes the same events to happen as before.
I mean, just try to watch it, It's sorta confusing/ well written.
And I would love to make a series based on this.


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